Osteo-Pharma product pipeline

Osteo-Pharma’s develops products with the novel OsteoActivatorTM technology for many different applications.

OsteoActivator-P / OsteoActivator-F: Collagen barrier membranes

Collagen membranes are widely used for their barrier function in dental applications. Osteo-Pharma is coating biodegradable collagen barrier membranes with the OsteoActivatorTM coating to improve guided bone regeneration (GBR) which can be applied to (1) enhance fracture healing and (2) to improve healing of dental defects (e.g. Alveolar Ridge Preservation). A successful preclinical dental defect study in mini pigs demonstrated enhanced formation of new bone by OsteoActivatorTM coated collagen membranes as compared to uncoated control membranes. Importantly, histological analysis confirmed the absence of any adverse events (van Oirschot et al., J Oral Maxillofac Res 2020, 11, e4, DOI: 10.5037/jomr.2020.11304)

OsteoActivator-M: Microspheres

Injectable biodegradable PLGA microspheres releasing testosterone in combination with alendronate. Direct placement of testosterone loaded PLGA microspheres and alendronate in bone defects in the medial femoral condyle of rabbits enhanced bone formation in the subchondral compartment up to 0.5 mm from the perimeter of the defect (Geven et al., Osteoarthritis Cartilage 2019, 27, S430, DOI: 10.1016/j.joca.2019.02.454)


OsteoActivator-C: Implants

Orthopedic implants coated with OsteoActivatorTM coating to enhance osseo-integration of the implant. Placement of coated screws in the medial femoral condyle of rabbits resulted in increased bone formation of the adjacent trabecular bone up to 1.3 mm from the screw. Most importantly, bone implant contact (BIC) was significantly increased in coated screws, indicating enhanced osseo-integration.