The OsteoActivatorTM technology is based on the use of the biodegradable carrier PLGA which enables sustained and controlled release of ancillary amounts of the low molecular weight bone healing compounds testosterone and alendronate. Testosterone will enhance osteoblast activity whereas alendronate will inhibit osteoclast activity. Importantly, these compounds act synergistically, resulting in a net shift towards an increased formation of new bone. Upon release of the bone healing compounds over a 4–6-week period, bone remodeling will recover and continue normally and, hence, the newly formed bone will remain intact. Because Osteo-Pharma’s technology includes PLGA as a carrier for sustained and controlled release of the bone healing compounds, safety issues are not anticipated when using the OsteoActivatorTM technology- based products. Indeed, extensive preclinical studies have confirmed the absence of adverse effects at any of the dosages tested. 

The products Osteo-Pharma is focusing on include:


Biodegradable collagen barrier membrane coated with the OsteoActivatorTM coating to improve guided bone regeneration (GBR) to (1) improve healing of dental defects and (2) enhance fracture healing.


Injectable biodegradable PLGA microspheres releasing testosterone in combination with alendronate.


Orthopedic implants coated with OsteoActivatorTM coating to enhance osseo-integration.