Osteo-Pharma’s OSTEOACTIVATORTM technology is based on the use of EMA and FDA approved low molecular weight pharmaceuticals. By encapsulation in a biodegradable carrier sustained release of these pharmaceuticals over a 6-8 week period is obtained. During this period osteoblast activity is enhanced and osteoclast activity is inhibited resulting in a net shift towards the formation of new and stronger bone. Upon release of the therapeutics (after 6-8 weeks) bone remodeling will continue normally and, hence, the newly formed high quality bone will remain intact. Furthermore, the biodegradable carrier will degrade within the next few weeks eliminating the need for surgery to remove the carrier. Osteo-Pharma collaborates with ChemConnection in developing the right combination of biodegradable polymers for sustained release of the pharmaceuticals. Currently, Osteo-Pharma is working on 3 applications:


Biodegradable film releasing osteoactivator API’s to enhance fracture healing


Injectable biodegradable microspheres releasing osteoactivator API’s to enhance fracture healing


Orthopedic screw coated with osteoactivator API’s to enhance osseo-integration